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    1. what is 3d bioprinting?


    It is a form of 3d printing that can use multiple biological materials including possibly cells into living shapes such as organs. But It can be used for much more.


    2. What is the resolution of the printer?


    6 microns on xyz is achievable.


    3. What kind of things can it print?

    • Tissue
    • Electronics / Batteries
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Human Tissue
    • Food

    Also see our case studies...


    4. What kind of tools can it print with?


    Theoretically any type, as long as the machine can grab it, it can operate it. Right now we have

    • syringe
    • 3d print head
    • pipetter

    We are working on other toolheads. Tell us what you would like to see. You can of course build your own toolhead too.


    5. What is the bed size?


    Printing bed area is 200mm by 150mm or 7.87 inches by 5.9 inches


    6. Can you build custom machines?


    Yes, we can build custom machines and cabinets. Contact us for a quote.


    7. What is the lead time?


    For a standard machine, 4 to 6 weeks, for a custom build, 8 weeks + depending on the complexity of the request.


    8. What if there is a problem?


    Using remote control, we can guide and assist you with problems you may have as well as provide training sessions.


    9. Can you send me a quote?


    No problem!. Just enter your details here.


    10. What kind of materials can be printed?


    In theory, any type of material but some extruders will only work with some materials and you will need different extruders for other types of materials.


    11. How many materials can be printed?


    With the current tool changer setup, it can handle 8 tools / materials however it is possible for teh software to drive any number of toolheads or materials.


    12. Can we use our own materials?


    Yes of course! although, the values we have entered for the converter are based on the materials we have used so you will need to experiment with your materials and change the settings to get it right.


    13. Do you supply materials?


    Yes, we will be providing material's soon.


    14. How does the software work?

    15. Can we see examples?

    Yes, please visit our gallery to see what we have printed.


    15. Do you have videos?

    Yes, you can find some of our videos here.


    16. What are the different printing processes?


    There are many types and many yet to be developed. Hence the reason why we have developed the machine to be readily adapted to new technologies.


    For more information, click here. (to be fleshed out)


    Need more answer's? Contact us, we are always happy to help!

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