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Top 10 tips for Haxlr8r startups in China

1. Time will go very very quickly. Follow the Kiss principle (keep it simple stupid) 
2. I hate project management software but this stuff is really important. 

3. Keep the team together, all in the same area if you can, and have daily meetings and goals. 

4. Pitching, very important, practice, practice, practice, get feedback often, get really good slides together. 10 slides = 5 minutes. Pictures, few or no words. Create a story that you can sell. 

5. Don't get distracted with competitions, chasing funding, etc Focus on the product. Make it work. Design is very very important. It has to look good, not just work. 

6. Site visits and talks - no point in everyone going, just one person should. 

7. Write down on hardcopy or use evernote everything you have done that day, transactions, etc particularly on big ticket items so you can keep track of expenses later.

8. Website - go to #strikingly - pay 200 bucks, get your website ready in a few hours. Don't waste time hiring someone or paying someone. Don't waste too much time on the website. 

9. #Marketing / #Marketeering. Don't worry too much about the name of the company or the domain, a good idea for a domain is a description and a keyword of what your customers are looking for. you can also redirect all of these domain names back to your website. Seo is important. learn how to do it. Twitter is very valuable. Facebook is meh. 

10. Don't keep looking at your competitors, focus on your product. make it better. 
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