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Top 10 Bioprinting Applications

Here are a list of bioprinting applications that currently exist or very well could exist in time. 
1. Human Organs / patches 
'Naturally' this is the holy grail of bioprinting however printing simple patches of tissue can be a faster way to repair existing organs. Why replace the entire organ when you can simply patch it?
One of the bigger problems in this area has been vascularisation, that is keeping the cells in the organs alive. As an analogy think of people as cells and cities as the organ, the river as the arteries, if the river did not exist, there would be no water for the people or any way to remove waste material. 
2. Lab grown meat
Companies like Modern Meadow have been using bioprinters to print synthetic meat. Printed meat removes the need for harming animals. With less animal's required, pollution is drastically cut, there is less need for farmland and more food and water resources become available. With customised lab meat, we could also make healthier and even tastier food? 
3. Textiles
We have all seen 3d printed clothing but the materials being used have been limited. What if you could print with a much wider range? What if you could print smart materials with interesting properties such as the ability to change colour? temperature? Self clean? 
4. 3d arrays to end animal testing
By printing small amounts of human tissue, we have a new and better way to test novel drugs for all manner of ailments. Not only will this produce better models it will also greatly reduce the need for animal testing.
5. Cosmetic Surgery
Want to give yourself the ultimate facelift? Print your own face. New nose, ear's, lips, perhaps? Or even breast tissue. 
6. printing medication
3d printed tablets are starting to become available. But what if you could print your own medication? matched to what you need? Could you combine medication with food? 
7. Printed food 
While it may never do away with the joy of cooking, it would certainly give a new option to those who work later, those who are ill or disabled or simply lazy. What if you could print the packaging with the food? (for later) and make that packaging biodegradable? 
8. Printing Humans / Animals 
And even animals that have become extinct? 
9. Electronic's 
How about printing electronics? Well of course its already been done, but what if you could combine biomaterials with electronics? Flexible pcb's? Disposable Pcb's, Living circuits? Real neural chips?
10. Enhanced Body parts
So what do you think? Agree or disagree? Let me know!
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Create more efficient organs? Gills? Skin that is more resistant to radiation perhaps? or simply stronger? or with enhanced feeling? Perhaps eyes that can see over a greater spectrum? 
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