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How we started in 3d Bioprinting..

From the kitchen table to the lab...

Ouro_botics started life around four years ago on a kitchen table in Dublin. 

Founder Jemma Redmond was working at the time on her masters thesis "An Investigation into Osteoblast Adhesion" and printed copies of finger bones (metacarpals, proximal & distal phalanges) which she then seeded with Osteoblasts and noticed growth was affected by structure. 

Realising that a bioprinter would open up more interesting capabilities. She sold her own businesses and started building her own printers testing out different configurations and methods. 

Noting that high cost, ease of use, accuracy, upgradability and reliability were features that were lacking in bioprinters on the market.

Ouro_botics was formed to build an affordable modular bioprinting platform for teachers, students, biohackers and researchers.

We built a high accuracy bioprinting platform that can be fitted with different types of extruder heads and allows researcher to try out different biomaterials such as gelatine, alginate, chitosan, keratin with different extrusion methods. 

We are currently rolling out our first commercial 3d bioprinter and if you would like to be one of the first to work with us please contact us here.

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